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Incredible Chubby Friend Meaning References. There are more like it, including “to body positive friends who don’t wear plus sizes” and “a call to action: It is often used to describe someone who has a round face, soft curves, and a generally.

Chubby definition Chubby meaning words to describe someone
Chubby definition Chubby meaning words to describe someone from

Plump, fat, round, pudgy, full, obese, overweight, corpulent; [probably from chub ( from the plumpness of the fish ).] chub′bi·ly adv. Web like this piece?

Web Another Way To Say Chubby Friend?

Web adjective us / ˈtʃʌb.i / uk / ˈtʃʌb.i / add to word list add to word list ( especially of children) fat in a pleasant and attractive way: Synonyms for chubby friend (other words and phrases for chubby friend). Lardo, though perhaps among the more archaic names on this list, is certainly still used in britain as a slang term for fat person to an extent.

Keep A Temporary Infatuation With Those Chubby Cheeks.

Chubby in a sentencehis friends have previously said that andrew has “chubby fingers” that do not match those in the photo. At 51 i was very chubby but not obese or anything. Web adjective us / ˈtʃʌb·i / add to word list ( esp.

[Probably From Chub ( From The Plumpness Of The Fish ).] Chub′Bi·ly Adv.

Of children) rounded in a pleasant and attractive way: Web english dictionary thesaurus sentences grammar definition of 'chubby' word frequency chubby (tʃʌbi ) word forms: Comparative chubbier , superlative chubbiest.

There Are More Like It, Including “To Body Positive Friends Who Don’t Wear Plus Sizes” And “A Call To Action:

Web chubby is an adjective that means slightly fat or overweight in a cute and endearing way. These 4 women have found fat. Chubby legs chubby cheeks thesaurus:

Web Menkes' Disease, Called The Kinky Hair Disease, Results In Tangled, Grayish, Steely, Or Kinky Hair And Chubby, Rosy Cheeks.

Web /ˈtʃʌbi/ /ˈtʃʌbi/ (comparative chubbier, superlative chubbiest) slightly fat in a way that people usually find attractive chubby cheeks/fingers/hands she was eleven years old and pretty. Web terjemahan en chubby {kata sifat} volume_up chubby volume_up yang berwajah bundar {kt sft} chubby (juga: Skinny, thin, slender, lean, slim, bony, lanky, angular